SENSA® is a 6-month system, each month in the system is indicated by the number on the container and contains a different blend of Tastants. You are given two shakers for each month: Keep one shaker at home and carry one with you.

Make sure to sprinkle SENSA® evenly over the surface of your food. The 2 SENSA® shakers combined should last you 30 days if you're sprinkling on every meal and snack.
Use the Tastants labeled "Salty" on salty foods and "Sweet" on sweet foods. The "Salty" and "Sweet" Tastants do not contain salt or sugar and do not make your food taste salty or sweet.
Everyone experiences weight loss differently. You may notice when you first start using SENSA® that you
are feeling fuller, more satisfied and
eating smaller portions. You may
also notice: reduced snacking,
cravings and decreased
need/desire for sweets.
Some foods can be a little tricky when it comes to sprinkling Tastants. Some users have found that using a light spritz of water onto fruits like grapes and berries helps the Tastants to stick. For foods like chips, nuts and pretzels, sprinkle directly into the bag or over the plate. As for foods like sandwiches, burgers and burritos, sprinkle on the outside layer.
SENSA® is not effective in liquids due to the saturation of the Tastants. However, you can use SENSA on cereals, chili, hearty soups or stews.
It can be helpful to create little reminders so that sprinkling becomes second nature. Some find it helpful to leave post-it notes throughout the house or set alarms. Find the strategy that works for you! The key is to give SENSA® time to work.